Chihuahua with pedigree

Chihuahua kennel

Chihuahua with pedigree

Welcome to our home page of the Ammeron chihuahua kennel. We breed short-haired and long-haired chihuahuas and all our beloved chihuahuas have a pedigree (a certificate of origin). We are a relatively small kennel. That’s why we only have a few litters of chihuahua puppies per year and all of our puppies always grow up with us in a family environment.

Chihuahua with pedigree

Chihuahua kennel Ammeron

Why to choose a puppy from our kennel


FCI pedigree

All of our chihuahuas (both adults and puppies) have FCI pedigree

Plethora of exhibitions awards

In our kennel we have chihuahua interchampions, champions of multiple countries and we participate in multiple exhibitions across Europe each year


100% verified health condition

All our chihuahuas are healthy and have the required health certificates issued

Lifelong counselling service

We offer to the new owners of our puppies a lifelong counselling service

Many years of experience

We have been breeding chihuahuas with pedigrees from the year 2009

FCI member

We are a duly registered kennel under the recognized FCI organization and hence our puppies have an FCI pedigree

Chihuahua puppies for sale

Do you want to know what chihuahua puppies we currently currently have for sale?

Follow our website in order to see which breeding connections are anticipated next. If you are seriously interested in a chihuahua puppy with a certificate of origin then please make use of our waiting list and specify the preferences of your future puppy (color, coat length…).

chihuahua with pedigree chihuahua kennel
Chihuahua with pedigree
mini chihuahua chihuahua kennel
Chihuahua with pedigree
chihuahua kennel Ammeron
chihuahua kennel