Chihuahua kennel

Breeding kennel with a heart for chihuahuas

We are a small family-run chihuahua kennel dealing with the breeding of short-haired and long-haired chihuahuas, which always come with a certificate of origin ( FCI pedigree). Our breeding kennel’s reputation is also confirmed by the fact that we are a properly registered kennel (since 2009) under the only recognized international federation of the FCI.

Each of our chihuahuas grows up in a family environment. This is the main reason why we only have a very limited amount of chihuahuas and breeding cycles available for sale, as we can take proper and full care for only a limited number of animals based on our high own set of expectations and the love we have for our animals.

Our chihuahuas are not only healthy and beautiful, but also balanced and non- aggressive. They are simply excellent companions thanks to the fact that they grow up in a friendly family environment. After the birth, when the chihuahua puppy is ready for sale, we provide all our customers with detailed breeding information and then provide a lifelong guidance as well after the point of sale.

The fact that our breeding station for chihuahuas is among the best in Slovakia is also confirmed by numerous awards and victories in dog-related national and international competitions.

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Dog shows and awards of our chihuahuas

Each year, we participate with our chihuahuas in many international, national, club and special dog shows both at home and abroad with great success. We have several TOP chihuahuas from Slovakia, international champions, grand champions, champions.

Usually, we start preparing a chihuahua for a show career already as a puppy, and we also participate in shows with them, where they are judged for the first time as younglings by an international judge and breed expert. If we see that the dog also enjoys the shows and achieves the necessary qualities for a successful show career, we continue with the show career. In any case, we are happy to share our successes with you and you can see more of these in the next post.

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Meet the chihuahuas of our kennel

Champions who win the hearts of people and competition judges. Parents of our puppies

Male chihuahuas

Breeding kennel


longhaired chihuahua with pedigree


Female chihuahuas

longhaired chihuahua with pedigree chihuahua kennel


breeding kennel


shorthaired chihuahua with pedigree

Fleur de Lis

longhaired chihuahua with pedigree Viky


chihuahua with pedigree


shorthaired chihuahua with pedigree


chihuahua kennel


Veterans - chihuahuas excluded from breeding

longhaired chihuahua with pedigree


shorthaired chihuahua with pedigree

Fiera Eva

longhaired chihuahua with pedigree Ultima


longhaired chihuahua with pedigree


chihuahua kennel longhaired chihuahua with pedigree