Chihuahua for sale

mini chihuahua with pedigree
Ammeron Selina

Chihuahua puppies for sale

We have a beautiful short-haired male for sale, if you are interested in a chihuahua puppy with pedigree, do not hesitate to contact us, either conveniently via the contact form or on the provided phone number .

Litter “I”

On 16.11.2023, a famous short-haired dog was born in our kennel. The father of the puppy is the show-successful international champion ORSON HODGE MYSTIC MIRACLE after top ancestors and the mother is great Lisa, also after top ancestors (American line).


Puppy from litter “I”

Chihuahua for sale – I am interested in a puppy

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Chihuahuas from our kennel

Our chihuahua offsprings with pedigree

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